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Balloon festivals offer amazing photo opportunities for spectators and great fun for the participants

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Balloon pilots are always looking for people to help crew.  We can also direct you to local club meetings, educational forums, and festivals 

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I Have Flown

I have known today a magnificent intoxication.  I have learnt how it feels to be a bird.  I have flown.  Yes, I have flown

-Le Figaro, 1908


Hot Air Balloon Web Links

Dedicated to the very best of Houston area hot air ballooning

As a service to our readership, we wanted to share some web links that we have bookmarked as personal favorites.   These are not "paid for" commercial endorsements, but rather just personal referrals to sites that we enjoy or firms that we have had good luck with.

And if you'd like to see references (from our clients) about OUR services, go to:  Client/Reference Gallery






Clients always ask us to think of romantic spots around the Houston area.  Our recommendations include: 

  • beachcombing at Galveston Island;

  • enjoying a picnic near The Williams Water Wall in the Galleria Area

  • harvesting your own Christmas tree at the Old Time Christmas Tree Farm in Spring

  • enjoying an al fresco lunch (Backstreet Cafe, El Pueblito Place, Brennan's Patio, Hotel Zaza,

  • get pampered at one of Houston's wonderful day spa's

  • try ice skating at The Galleria



Couture Strawberries - Brymm's Berries (of Houston) create chocolate covered strawberries that are delectable works of art.  They are so prized that they were included within the 76th Academy Award Gift Baskets. (30/gift box of six + shipping; $60/gift box of twelve + shipping).  281.469.3164

Brymm Berries


Texas Chocolate Confections - The pralines, fudge, and toffee made by Susie's South Forty Confections (432.570.4040) of Midland, Tx are so amazing that President George W served them at his Black Tie & Boots ball 

Susie's South Forty Confections


Chocolate Confections -  Roscar (512.303.1500) of Bastrop, Tx elegantly packages their wondrous bonbons and truffles for an expression of affection. 



Tow Plane Sharing Your Message - Knight Hawk Aerial Advertising can arrange for your custom message to be shared on your special balloon day.  Pricing is based on a maximum string size of 35 characters/spaces.

NightHawk Aerial Advertising

Gift Items

Discover Balloons (of Albuquerque, NM) offers an amazing selection of hot air balloon related gifts.  They also have a website for ease of ordering

Discover Balloons

Gift Items

This company makes the most beautiful wire-etched bulbs (intricately decorated like hot air balloons) that we've ever seen.  A perfect gift for anyone who enjoys hot air balloons


Aviation Buffs

Glider Flights in NW Houston offered by Soaring Club of Houston (Phone:  713.203.1251)

The Soaring Club Of Houston

Aviation Buffs

Space Center Houston allows 12 people each day to join their Level Nine Tour, a 4-hour behind-the-scenes extravaganza that visits New Mission Control, the Space Environment Simulation Lab, & the Robotics Lab.  The $63/person fee includes a hot lunch in the Astronaut Cafeteria.  Reservations Required.  Must be 16 yrs of age or older.  281.244.2100

Level Nine Tour

Aviation Buffs
Brent  and Christine (of Balloon Excelsior) literally "wrote the book" about how to fly a balloon.  Christine has also authored some beautiful coffee table books about ballooning.  These are fine people that have truly shaped the sport of ballooning. Balloon Excelsior
Aviation Buffs
The folks at Stumpf balloons can create custom holders for electronic gadgets that you fly with.




Balloon Federation of America

Balloon Federation of America


Lone Star Hot Air Balloon Association; The Houston area club of balloon pilots, balloon crew, and others interested in the sport



International Young Aeronauts - an organization dedicated to the development and support of youngsters interested in aviation

Young Aeronauts


International Aeronauts League

History of Ballooning

Recount of efforts by Montgolfier Brothers to fly a hot air balloon

Montgolfier Brothers

History of Ballooning

Recount of efforts by Montgolfier Brothers as they launched first hot air balloons

Montgolfier Bros

History of Ballooning

Timeline of famous flights

Famous Flights

Marketing and Promo Materials Bytes and Grins has supported TAA's marketing needs with monogrammed t-shirts, polo style shirts and champagne glasses.  We get so many complements that we wanted to proudly share our source.

Bytes N Grins


Walt & Mimi have a true gift with travel photography.  Their images of the White Sands Invitational Balloon Festival are stunning.  But don't stop there.  Check out all of their travel photo's.

Ramblin' Cameras Gallery


Barry Champagne is a Houston area professional photographer that features some typically Texas images of  the Houston skyline, bluebonnet fields, and hot air balloons.

Barry Champagne Photography, Inc.


Mike Stone has focused on images of the Albuquerque Balloon Festival.  He also offers a free downloadable screen saver for your PC.

Hot Air Hysteria!!


Alex Karpov's images are art forms in their own.  He also photographed  White Sands.

Alex Karpov - Balloons


National Geographic's history of ballooning plus great write-ups about gas ballooning and even some teacher's aids to explain what causes balloons to fly.

NOVA Online

Repair Station & Flight Training

Phil Bryant has been meticulous with caring for Blew Bayou.  Phil is also an instructor, FAA examiner, and leader of the BFA. 

Ballooning Adventures of Texas





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Hot Air Balloon Affiliations

 Hot Air Ballooning

Our Cover Girl

Texas Highways
featured our beautiful Blew Bayou balloon on the cover of it's August, 2002 magazine.  What an honor!

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Please enjoy viewing our Photo Gallery of hot air balloon pictures



Balloonists' Prayer

The winds have welcomed you with softness.

The sun has blessed you with his warm hands.

You have so flown so high and so well,

that God has joined you in your laughter,

and he has set you gently back again into the loving arms of Mother Earth.

Anon believed to have been adapted from an old Irish sailors' prayer



Build Lightness In

- Alberto Santos-Dumont


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