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The Texas Air Adventures flight team is a top-notch group of individuals.  Read about our chief pilot, crew, balloon, & company.

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Learn To Fly A Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Flight Training

Have you ever dreamed of piloting a hot air balloon?  The chief pilot at Texas Air Adventures, LLC is licensed by the FAA to provide flight training for aspiring hot air balloon pilots.  We hope that you will learn to fly with us.

About Our Flight Training Program

Ground-based flight training covers aeronautical theory in subject areas like meteorology, navigation, flight rules and procedures, and airmanship.  This flight training, given week nights or weekends, can be intense.  About 10 hours of ground-based flight training (coupled with personal reading and self study) is required to be certified with a private pilot "lighter than air" rating.  About 20 hours of ground-based flight instruction is required for a commercial rating.  The culmination of your ground based flight training will involve taking a FAA approved written and oral examination. 

In-flight instruction requires a medical statement of health and about 15 hours of flight training instruction to obtain the flying skills required to be considered competent as a private pilot.  (Commercial ratings typically require 20 hours of flight training instruction.)  Most students complete the private or commercial in-flight training in about six months, however actual training times vary based on individual student abilities and the availability of flyable weather during the instruction period.

Flight training (in the balloon) is given weekend mornings in the student's balloon OR in the Texas Air Adventure's Blew Bayou balloon.

Pricing Table - Hot Air Balloon Flight Training


Discovery Flight For Aspiring Pilots

  • Short ground based flight lesson, balloon pre-flight and 30 minute balloon flight under the guidance of our chief pilot

  • Note - Each new aspiring pilot is eligible for one Discovery Flight. After the flight, they will be given a gift certificate valued at $275 which can be applied to future pilot instruction given by Texas Air Adventures.


Student learning manuals


Ground Based Flight Training


Flight Training In Your Balloon*


Flight Training In Our Balloon*


Bi-annual flight review


* According to the FAA, student pilots must be 16 years of age or older in order to "solo".  In addition, Texas Air Adventures requires all student pilots to read, agree to, and sign a liability waiver.

* Each student should be <350 pounds, or in accordance with balloon weight/balance requisites

**Payment (cash or check) is due at the conclusion of each lesson

If student pilots have a very limited time to get certified, they may want to consider attending a FAA Approved FAR Part 141 Flight School.  Phil Bryant offers a Houston based FAR 141 Flight School two times/year.  Balloon Excelsior hosts a FAR Part 141 flight school outside of Oakland, California. 


Learn To Fly Now!


Call or email now to make your resolution to become a private or commercially rated hot air balloon pilot a reality.

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Hot Air Balloon Affiliations

Our Cover Girl

The Houston Chronicle featured our beautiful Chameleon in Section E of the August, 23, 2006 paper. 

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I Have Flown

I have known today a magnificent intoxication.  I have learnt how it feels to be a bird.  I have flown.  Yes, I have flown

-Le Figaro, 1908


My Air Ships

Suddenly the wind ceased. The air seemed motionless around us.  We were off, going at the speed of the air-current which we now lived and moved with.  Indeed, for us there was no more wind; and this is the first great fact of spherical ballooning.  Infinitely gentle is the unfelt motion forward and upward.  The illusion is complete:  it seems to be the balloon that moves, but the earth that sinks down and away.

-Alberto Santos-Dumont

The Century Company

New York, 1904

Balloonists' Prayer

The winds have welcomed you with softness.

The sun has blessed you with his warm hands.

You have so flown so high and so well,

that God has joined you in your laughter,

and he has set you gently back again into the loving arms of Mother Earth.

Anon believed to have been adapted from an old Irish sailors' prayer


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