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Texas Air Adventures has a first-class balloon, pilot and crew.  Learn more about us.

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Balloonists' Prayer

The winds have welcomed you with softness.

The sun has blessed you with its warm hands.

You have so flown so high and so well,

that God has joined you in your laughter,

and he has set you gently back again into the loving arms of Mother Earth.

Anon believed to have been adapted from an old Irish sailors' prayer

Crewing Opportunities

With Texas Air Adventures' Blew Bayou Hot Air Balloon

If you are interested in volunteering to crew for one of our future balloon flights (and helping make others' dreams come true), please contact us at Texas Air Adventures.  



Potential crew members may review crew member responsibilities outlined below.  If this sounds like something you'd be interested in doing, please call or email us.

Safety Comes First

  • Don't crew if you are mentally or physically impaired.

  • Wear appropriate clothing:  sturdy shoes, long pants, and no dangling jewelry.

  • Always listen and follow pilot instructions, as his first priority is for everyone's safety

  • Take care to not get tangled in any ropes or handling lines

  • Don't wrap or tie any lines or ropes around you

  • Don't grab on to any ropes while balloon is ascending

  • Don't touch burners as they will be very hot

  • Never smoke around the balloon.

  • Know where the fire extinguisher is and how to operate it.

  • Know where to find the emergency assistance phone numbers.

Crew Member Responsibilities

Pre-launch responsibilities:

  • Take care in being on-time.

  • Understand projected flight path, weather conditions, and other conditions of note from the pilot.

  • Remove bottles, glass, sticks, or any other items that might damage balloon envelope from launch area

  • Remove balloon system from trailer

  • Carefully lay out the balloon envelope and equipment for inflation, taking care to hold envelope by the "tapes"

  • Confirm that radio communications between basket and chase vehicle are working properly

  • Anchor balloon system to truck, when requested by pilot

  • Hold crown line or mouth, as instructed by pilot

  • Clear area around fan of loose grass and branches

  • Turn on/off inflator fan as instructed by pilot

  • Provide weight on basket after balloon is standing

  • Help pilot complete pre-flight check-list, when requested.

  • Help with crowd control, as needed

  • Take care to not stand in front of basket (in direction of travel)immediately before or during ascent

Post-launch responsibilities:

  • Return fan to trailer

  • Close and secure trailer doors

  • Ensure that all crew members are in a designated chase vehicle and are available via radio communications

Chase responsibilities:

  • Keep the balloon in sight as much as possible

  • Communicate with the pilot via the radio

  • Serve as navigator (read map or GPSS, recommend which roads would be best to take)

  • Help your team drive safely by proactively looking for other traffic during the chase experience

  • Proactively advise pilot of standing water, power lines, and fences around proposed landing sites

  • Arrive at proposed landing site about the same time as the balloon

Post Landing responsibilities:

  • Obtain landowner's permission to enter their property whenever possible

  • Assist the basket to a smooth landing

  • Secure crown line and move quickly downwind with taut line

  • Remove air from envelope and help return envelope to it's bag

  • Pack up all items on the launch site (fan, gloves, ropes, etc) and return them to their proper positions within the balloon trailer

  • Pack up the balloon system and return it to the balloon trailer

  • Be an active part of the after-flight champagne toast and celebration

  • Provide pilot with inputs and suggestions, from crew member viewpoint



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Our Cover Girl

The Houston Chronicle featured our beautiful Chameleon in Section E of the August, 23, 2006 paper. 

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The Lone Star Hot Air Balloon Association meets monthly in Houston to advance the sport of ballooning.  We encourage you to become a club member.


Join the BFA

The BFA is the single largest non-profit organization committed to the advancement of ballooning.  With your membership, you receive a beautiful monthly magazine about ballooning and you help a worthy cause..


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