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In Support of The Arts Community

Texas Air Adventures has long had an interest in helping advance math and science education for youngsters.  But, we would now like to take a new step forward and offer to spotlight a selection of watercolors, oil, and chalk paintings + literary works related to ballooning.  NOTE:  Our editor reserves the right to determine which pieces will be displayed.   Our goal will be to display works for at least one quarter.


A tribute to hot air ballooning by poet Andy Harley


This poem about ballooning is one of 62 poems included in the book Till the Dreaming's Done:  "Poems Crafted for Thinking People" .


by Andy Harley


In the magic of the morning,

Looking around the large launch field.

Arrays of hot-air balloons inflate,

And their colors are gradually revealed.


Lifting off in the wicker gondola,

I start my heavenward ascension.

he idyllic landscape soon stretches out

To a stupendous dimension;


There is so much pristine scenery -

The rolling hills are dotted with pines.

As the earth seems to slowly rotate below,

I take in outdoor designs.


The rejuvenating air is amazingly quiet

Soaring now over some hayfields and crops.

As I decline back towards the ground

I let my balloon dip to kiss the treetops.


Oh, what a time this has been;

My Feelings are in complete commotions.

It's just one thing that cannot be measured,

By any mere transient emotion.



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